Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time wasters

I play a lot of flash games when I'm procrastinating so I thought I'd share the truly deserving games every 3-4 days.

Today we'll be talking about Desktop Dungeons. This is a fun, little roguelike than can get challenging fast. To those who think their moves through will find the game challenging, but a fun way to spend a 5-10 minute break from studying or while eating lunch.

You start the game off with a choice of 5 races and 4 classes, unlocking more as you complete dungeons. Each race reacts differently to glyphs, spells that you find on the ground. A human, for example, gains more attack whenever you convert a glyph. A gnome, on the other hand, will receive mana potions. Each monster is a different challenge. The meat men deal low damage, but have high health. Goblins attack quickly and have the "first strike" bonus, but they have far lower health than a meat man.

Each dungeon has a floor boss that must be defeated to unlock your next class. The bosses are "suped-up" versions of their lackeys. Because every monster is different, each boss must be tackled differently. Some classes or race combos might be better versus certain bosses. A priest does 200% damage to undead, so a human priest who gets attack bonuses from gylphs will do far more damage than a gnome thief.

I'm barely scratching the surface, and I could write so much more, but I feel TotalHalibut's video covers and explains a lot more than I have time to write.

You can download Desktop Dungeons here: (Only 4.3 MB!)

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